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Ear Candling

40 min. $50

Ear candling is a non-invasive, natural method to clear excess earwax, fungus and infection from the ears and sinuses; and it’s a vital tool in the fight against earache, sinusitis, runny nose, tinnitus, migraine and many stress related conditions. The session is painless, very calming, soothing and relaxing due to the warmth and aroma released.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage with Sound Healing & Reiki

90 min. $115

The Ultimate Relaxation Experience for your mind, body & spirit. Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage is a sacred space experience with intuitive deep flowing strokes combined with sound & ancestral Reiki healing to help you energetically clear your mind while allowing you to drop into the expansion of letting go and floating in a place of no time, finding your breath and lightness of being. The massage is soothing yet deep with continuous, flowing movements using the forearms and body weight. Restores, relaxes, soothes and energetically lightens the body of stress and deeper held emotions.

Reiki Healing Session

60 min. $50

Unwind your spirit, mind and body as you allow your entire being to become balanced. This exquisite energy session enhances inner calm and peace, while balancing your emotional state. During the session, patients lie fully clothed on a warm and comfortable massage table. Some clients have been known to experience a powerful emotional reaction during this healing encounter!

BioMagnetic Therapy

60 min. $50

This natural therapy re-establishes your body’s pH levels to their normal cellular environment through the use of magnet pairs of opposite charges. By returning to a point of equilibrium, the body uses its miraculous ability to regenerate and restore its own health. After your session, you can expect to feel energized, revitalized while experiencing a sense of calm and relaxation.


30 min. $40

The reflexology massage is designed to improve the functioning of the internal organs, glands and hormonal system through a stimulation of corresponding pressure points in the feet which are communicated with particular body parts through the connections of the nervous system. It is profoundly relaxing, it releases the blocked vital energy, improves the blood and lymphatic circulation on a local and general level, purifies and cleans our organisms from the materials of decomposition coming from respiration and cellular metabolism. It is also very recommended for people who are fighting off the stressful conditions of their contemporary lives.

Clarity Breathwork Session

120 min. Private Session $200

Clarity Breathwork is a gentle, safe and powerful breathing process that releases stress from the emotional body (cells) and helps to activate the subconscious mind allowing for letting go of suppressed emotions, tension and anxiety and transformation of limiting thoughts, emotions and negative beliefs. This form of Breathwork balances the nervous system and brings awareness to the stress points and cells in our body where we hold the impacts of our life experiences and traumas.

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If natural beauty is a priority for you, you are most likely familiar with the adage – put on your body only that which is safe to ingest.
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If natural beauty is a priority for you, you are most likely familiar with the adage – put on your body only that which is safe to ingest.

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